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Mack Prioleau on the Best Family-friendly Attractions in Florida

Mack Prioleau on Why Florida is the Best Place to Visit for a Holiday with the Kids

There are plenty of attractions in the United States that are perfect for families vacationing with kids but if there’s only one place that you can choose, I recommend Florida. Hello, readers! It’s Mack Prioleau. If you’re looking for vacation spots in the US, and you’re traveling with kids, Florida is where the magic begins.

Home to Universal Orlando, Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World and Legoland Florida, the state is teeming with attractions that kids of every age will surely enjoy—and adults too! Do your kids love Harry Potter? Head to Universal Studios at Universal Orlando and explore The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Visit Hogsmeade and get your school supplies at Dervish and Banges, or feast on Chocolate Frogs and Cauldron Cakes bought at Honeydukes. And don’t forget to get your wand at Ollivanders!

After you’ve stocked up on your wizarding supplies, head to Platform 9 ¾ to catch the Hogwarts Express.

When you want to experience more magic, head to Magic Kingdom where you can enjoy rides like the Astro Orbiter, Barnstormer, Buzz Lightyear’s SpaceRanger Spin, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Enjoy the parade of famous Disney characters like Mickey and friends, Disney princesses, and Pixar pals.

Cap off your holiday at Legoland Theme Park and Water Park. Build your own Lego structures at the Building Zone and marvel at the amazing artistry behind the Daytona International Speedway replica. Toddlers will enjoy DUPLO Farm, DUPLO Splash & Play, and DUPLO Tot Spot.

From this brief information alone, you can already see why Florida is the best place for a holiday with your kids. Have been to these attractions before? What was your favorite part? Please let us know! You may reach me, Mack Prioleau, through this page.

I invite you to come back for more places to visit in the United States.



Explore the Old and New in Japan: Visit Tokyo

Explore the Old and New in Japan: Visit TokyoExploring Tokyo

I’ve always wanted to explore Asia. I’ve been to South Africa, and I’ve visited various other parts of the U.S. to get to know its natural wonders. While I’ve lived here all my life, I am embarrassed to admit that I’ve never really explored its many amazing wonders until recently. Traveling, I believe, is the best way to immerse yourself in the culture of a country. And for me, meeting the locals is always the best way to truly get to know the heart and soul of a country.

This summer, I’m thinking about exploring Asia, and my first destination of choice is Japan. Japan’s rich and colorful history has always intrigued me. I figured that the best way to explore the old and new Japan is to visit a favorite tourist destination that perfectly epitomizes these: Tokyo.

Museums in Tokyo

The capital of Japan and considered as the most densely-populated metropolis in the world, Tokyo is a bustling city with plenty to offer a first-time traveler. Shopping, dining, and nightlife seem to be the favorite activities of tourists here. But since I’m more interested in its history, I’d like to explore its museums first before I explore the modern side of Tokyo.

First stop is Tokyo National Museum, the oldest and largest museum in the country. Relics and items that showcase the history and culture of Japan, as well as the country’s national treasures, are on display at the buildings that comprise the national museum.

Next on my list are the Edo-Tokyo Museum and the Edo-Tokyo Open Air Museum. Tokyo was formerly known as Edo, which used to be a small castle town during the Edo period. Life-size replicas of the structures in this historic town can be seen here, so that will surely be a sight to behold.

The history and cultural lessons you learn in these museums provide a contrast to the now modern life in Tokyo. Walking down the streets, you will see young executives in smart suits rushing to work. And the city is lined with various world-class restaurants, shops, bars, and clubs.

If and when I do get to visit, I will share my experiences exploring the beautiful city of Tokyo with you.



Mack Prioleau NBA Update

Today we are going to be talking about what has happened this past week in the N.B.A. This has been a big week for sports, we currently have the N.F.F draft going on but we have seen some big developments in the N.B.A as well. First off, let’s talk about the team that was easily the favorite to repeat as world champions of the world until a recent development. You have probably heard by now but Step Curry is out for the foreseeable future. After injuring his ankle in game 1 of the series against the Houston Rockets, it looks as if he slipped on the wet spot on the floor in game four and injured his knee. The scary part is that the team did not say he would be back in two weeks, they said they would reevaluate his knee with in two weeks. Which means he is most likely out until the N.B.A finals at the earliest if they are lucky to make it. They would currently play the winner of the Portland Trailblazers and Los Angeles Clippers which is a perfect segue way to our next topic. The Clippers, a team that seem can never catch a break. With the M.V.P from the last two seasons of the league injured and a lead in their current series, it seemed as the Clippers had a great chance to make the Western Conference Final. Not less then a day later news comes out that their two best players in Chris Paul and Blake Griffin were injured and would be out for the rest of the playoffs. Of course injuries are just part of the game and something all teams have to deal with. But this was their best chance in the history of their franchise to make the conference finals and they do not even get a day to rejoice in this, as always it seems that dreams in Clipperland get dashed before they can ever come true.

Mack Prioleau: NFL Draft

With the NFL draft just around the corner there is definitely a lot of anxiety and excitement in the air. All the way from the owners, down to the fans. The draft can make a team and set them up for years of success. Just look at the Colts who drafted Andrew Luck and have set themselves up for years of winning seasons. Even this year with him injured and having the worst season of his young career they almost made the playoffs. The draft is also a place that can destroy a team’s momentum for years. Just look at the Cleveland Browns. A story was just published that discussed how “Siri” from Apple when referred to the Brown’s Stadium as a “factory of sadness”. (Here is the link just in case you want to check it out This draft is shaping up to be a great one, in case you have been out of the loop here are the most pressing stories heading into the draft.

  • The Rams who just moved to L.A must be looking to make a splash in this year’s draft because they traded away six future draft picks, including two first round selections. The Rams are in desperate need of a quarterback as they currently have Case Keenum as their starting quarterback. Are they planning to draft one? If so, which quarterback are the leaning towards?
  • The Browns traded away their second overall pick to the Eagles. The Brown’s received six future draft picks including two first round selections. The Browns are in desperate need of a quarterback as well and must have decided that it was not worth wasting a number two selection on a QB. The Eagle’s just signed Sam Bradford to an extension, what could be their play for moving up to number two?
  • There are two quarterback’s above the rest it is Jared Goff from Cal and Carson Wentz from North Dakota state, how do these trades affect both these young men’s future?


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