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Mack Prioleau Eyes Prince Edward Island, Belize for Fishing

You probably do most of your fishing in your own backyard. Although fishing can be soothing and thrilling no matter where you do it, there’s nothing like reeling in a big one while on vacation, especially in one of the northern hemisphere’s most captivating saltwater fishing spots. Avid fisherman Mack Prioleau can’t say enough about two areas in particular: Prince Edward Island and Belize.

Prince Edward Island

Can you imagine catching a 1,496-pound tuna? One person didn’t have to imagine it: This person achieved this firsthand back in 1979 and continues to receive recognition for this world record. Several others have brought in 1,000 pounders during the past several years. On Prince Edward Island, you’ll do most of your fishing close to land/port, usually less than a mile out, between August and mid-October.

In addition, the majority of fishing boats feature fighting chairs. Of course, if you prefer to stand up for the battle of your lifetime, then nothing will stop you from doing that, either. Using kites, you’ll fish with live, whole or chunked bait fish and enjoy an unprecedented high-adrenaline fishing experience.


Looking for a change of pace in your saltwater fishing experience? Look no further than Belize. There’s a good chance you’ll bring in a trophy-size catch, ranging from a tarpon to a bonefish or permit. What’s so great about Belize is that the country vigorously guards its pristine flats, so you’ll no doubt enjoy the cream of the crop of fishing adventures.

Plus, Belize is the only Central American country featuring English as the primary language. And the best part? You can visit Belize for a once-in-a-lifetime fishing expedition year-round. Many of the country’s lodges and resorts cater to anglers, so you’ll easily receive the support and access to resources you need to make the most of your fishing vacation.

Mack Prioleau Highlights a Couple of Popular Rafting Spots

Popular Rafting Spots

Are you ready to experience a rush you’ll never forget? You can’t go wrong with navigating some of the most challenging and exciting whitewater rapids in the world. Mack Prioleau, outdoor enthusiast, loves the heart-racing adventures that come with mastering wild rapids in North America especially. Here are a couple of places in the United States that you don’t want to miss if you’re looking for the water rafting adventure of a lifetime.

Grand Canyon

Never seen the Grand Canyon? Or perhaps you’ve never seen it from a raft? Then, it’s time to see this natural wonder like never before from a raft on the Colorado River. A whopping nine companies provide rafting adventures along the river, where you can go on a half-day trip or even an extensive two-week journey. If this sounds appealing to you, you better book now — raft trips usually sell out a couple of years in advance. If you’re a beginner, you can expect your route to feature Class II and Class III rapids, which are relatively moderate considering that the class scale reaches as high as Class VI.

West Virginia

If you’re looking for a challenging rafting route, you’d fall in love with the Gauley River in West Virginia. Here, you’ll conquer rapids in valleys and gorges over a stretch of river spanning 35 miles. More than a hundred rapids in this river are among the country’s most technically challenging ones. Plus, the scenic landscape is second to none. If you’re seeking a rafting experience that is more laid back, you may want to try the Upper New River, where you’ll experience Class III rapids.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced rafter in the United States, you’ll have no problem finding a thrilling river to conquer in the Southwest or the Northeast.

Mack Prioleau Has a Few Top Water Rappelling Picks


Water Rappelling Picks

Your heart beats as you look below at the waterfall you’re about to descend. You feel alive like never before. There’s not a feeling in the world that comes close to what you feel as you’re about to go water rappelling. But where exactly can you get the biggest thrills in water rappelling. If you ask travel enthusiast Mack Prioleau, here are the top places he would recommend.

Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

You can’t beat the waterfall extravaganza you’ll encounter at Costa Rica’s Arena Volcano. This volcano offers an extraordinary opportunity to go rappelling over waterfalls and down steep rocks. You’ll go through lush, gorgeous rainforests prior to and following your adventure as well, which is icing on the cake. Since you can’t climb to the volcano’s summit for safety reasons, water rappelling in the area is the next-best thing to experiencing this volcanic region.

Málaga, Andalucía Spain

If you love rappelling, you’d be hard pressed to find a more exhilarating spot than this. Specifically, you’ll fall in love with Almanchares Canyon, part of the Sierra Tejeda National Park. After all, where else can you find a whopping 14 rappelling opportunities, with a few of them featuring waterfalls? What’s great about this particular canyon is that you can easily find something for you no matter what your difficulty level may be.

Triglay National Park, Slovenia

You may not know much about Slovenia, but this country’s Triglay National Park is a must-see if you’re into water rappelling. Susec Canyon has multiple short waterfalls, so it’s an excellent choice for a beginner. Meanwhile, if you’re an advanced rappeller, you’ll find five waterfalls in the canyons near Predelic Stream.

If you’re an avid rappeller and you love to travel the world, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect spot for you.

Mack Prioleau: Where To Go For A Turkey Grand Slam


Mack Prioleau: Where To Go For That Turkey Grand Slam

When you mention the words Grand Slam, people usually think of, and associate the word to, tennis. However, for hunters and the world of small-game hunting, they celebrate and work hard for their own “Grand Slam” title too. Among small game, Mack Prioleau is interested in wild turkey the most. He shares that a wild turkey Grand Slam is achieved when a hunter can harvest a bird from four different subspecies, namely the Eastern, Rio Grande, Merriam, and Osceola. Achieving a Grand Slam is no small feat; it requires meticulous planning and intense focus. Here are the places Mack gathers will give him a higher win rate:

Eastern Turkey Subspecies

In general, these turkey subspecies can be found almost anywhere, but for the Eastern subspecies, Mack Prioleau is betting on Missouri. Missouri alone is a prime hunting spot for wild turkey hunting so it’s not farfetched to hope you can get lucky and hunt for all four subspecies right away. Records have the number of turkey in Missouri is at a whopping 600,000, so there’s plenty to go around during the season. Mack shares that a tag for non-residents will cost around $150. You can tell an Eastern turkey by its shiny black feathers and red “beard.” The hens, on the other hand, will have dark grey feathers to white or reddish brown colors.

Rio Grande Turkey Subspecies

For the Rio Grande subspecies found throughout the western desert regions, Mack Prioleau has a different strategy. He’s thinking of heading to Kansas and asking the private landowners if he can hunt on their grounds. The locals here are less likely to care about game than their counterparts in Texas. The Rio Grande turkey subspecies have thinner, longer legs and tan-colored tips on their feathers. The adult males can weigh as heavy as 20 pounds while the adult females can weigh up to 12 pounds.

Merriam Turkey Subspecies

The next turkey subspecies has been frequently sighted and hunted in Wyoming, but Mack Prioleau figures that going with the trend will only leave him with a smaller chance as the competition is likely to get stiff. This is why he prefers to head to South Dakota for the Merriam turkey. This subspecies has snow-white tips on its feathers. The jet black feathers will also have bronze or purple undertones. With the weakest gobble of all the subspecies, the Merriam turkey poses a challenge even for veteran hunters.

Osceola Turkey Subspecies

Finally, for the Osceola turkey, Mack Prioleau has no choice but to head to Florida, the only state where this subspecies can be found. The Osceola turkey has dark brown-tips on its feathers with white bands on its black wings. Hunters have described this subspecies as the hardest to call in, but Mack isn’t discouraged. He believes it only takes a call from a “real hen” to trap one. To begin with, hunting these four subspecies will really test your patience.

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Mack Prioleau: Trout Fishing in New Hampshire


When it comes to trout fishing in New England, few bodies of water come close to the pristine lakes of New Hampshire. Mack Prioleau is excited to visit New Hampshire, hopefully around June, when its waters will finally be open for fishing.

Fishing trout has become a popular hobby and pastime for many of the locals here, and thousands of anglers from all over the country drive up to New Hampshire just to experience the state’s traditional rites of trout fishing in the spring. Here are some of the towns on his radar that have a designated trout pond where he plans to cast his line:

1. Saco Lake, Carroll – Take Route 302 to get to Crawford Notch State Park where Saco Lake or the Saco Lake Trail is located. Spanning seven acres with cold water fishing spots, the Saco River is perfect for trout and fly-fishing. Mack Prioleau plans to rent a canoe when he visits, but if the waters seem rough that day, he’ll make do with fishing along the shore. Because of its gorgeous forest and beginner-friendly trails, Saco Lake sees many families making the trip here with their kids in tow.

2. Spoonwood Lake, Nelson – Spoonwood Lake or Spoonwood Pond is located near the famous Nubanusit Lake in the charming town of Nelson. At first, it was the quiet and secluded Nubansuit Lake that made Mack Prioleau want to visit, but upon further research on the area, he found out that there’s another secluded body of water that’s a trout pond as well! Tranquil with lush trees, fishing at Spoonwood Lake as night falls is how Mack had always imagined spending his vacation fishing at New Hampshire.

3. Mirror Lake, Whitefield – Mack Prioleau shares that if he was ever going to drive up to New Hampshire with his friends, he’d definitely consider Mirror Lake in Whitefield. With a number of lakefront cottages available for rent, Mirror Lake offers endless hours of trout fishing and outdoor water sports. The lake view alone is worthy of being plastered all over social media and the location is just the kind of spot where one can enjoy some peace and quiet for hours.

4. Exeter Reservoir, Exeter – Exeter Reservoir in Rockingham County is where anglers can expect to catch different kinds of trout, from Brook Trout and Brown Trout to Rainbow Trout. This 20-acre lake also has other fish in its waters such as Largemouth Bass, White Bass, and Sunfish. Aside from the reservoir itself, Mack Prioleau looks forward to roaming the town’s historic streets as well. The Exeter Cathedral is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture and stands as one of the greatest cathedrals throughout New England.

5. Lonesome Lake, Lincoln – Last but not the least, Mack Prioleau would love to visit Lonesome Lake in Lincoln. Despite the lake’s intriguing name, it’s teeming with trout waiting to be caught! Lincoln has other trout ponds worth visiting such as Black Pond and Shoal Pond.

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Mack Prioleau: How Would You Spend One Day In Tokyo?


If you could only spend one day in Tokyo, how would you spend it? Some might eat as much udon and fresh sushi as they can handle, while some might spend the entire day shopping at Shibuya. For Mack Prioleau, those 24 hours would consist of a little bit of everything, from eating the best food Tokyo can offer and visiting the temples, to shopping and riding the Tokyo Metro. Here’s how he imagines spending 24 hours in Tokyo:

Start the Day at Shinjuku

Fortunately for tourists, Tokyo, or Japan for that matter, has a very efficient public transportation system that makes getting around faster and easier. Mack Prioleau picks Shinjuku as his starting point, with its towering skyscrapers and well-manicured Japanese gardens in between. The famous Samurai Museum is located here, where it has on display a private collection of authentic Samurai artifacts, including swords. As an alternative to the Samurai Museum, Mack Prioleau picks the Isetan Department Store for its elegant facade and thirteen floors of heavenly shopping.

Ride the JR Yamanote Line to Akihabara

After the Samurai exhibit, Mack Prioleau picks Akihabara as his next stop. Known for its Sony Plaza shopping district, Akihabara is a Mecca for video game nerds with rows upon rows of electronic and pop culture shops. Many of the things that Japan has become known for in the world can be found here. Think anime, manga, action figures — Mack Prioleau thinks everyone has a little kid inside of them that would appreciate this neon-lit neighborhood. There’s one restaurant that Mack Prioleau would love to visit here and its none other than the Steak House Pound at Sotokanda. This is as mouthwatering as it gets when it comes to eating steaks in Japan. The wagyu and Kobe beef may burn a hole in your pocket, but it’s worth every penny!

Visit the Imperial Palace

An hour or two later, Mack Prioleau would head for the Tokyo Imperial Palace. While tourists are not allowed to go inside, the Imperial Palace is still an iconic and historic piece of architecture. On the plus side, tourists are allowed on the gardens and parks surrounding it. This is a good stop to catch your breath and pace yourself after the dizzying delights of Akihabara and before getting lost in the wide shopping district of Ginza.

End the Day at Ginza

Why Ginza? If money isn’t a concern in the 24-hour challenge, then Mack Prioleau would like to end the day and live it big at one of the most expensive shopping districts in Tokyo. Ginza has a similar feel to New York City’s 5th Avenue with high-end stores and luxury brands all around, but the city has a life and pulse of its own. Just taking a casual stroll on the main street is a surreal experience. Ginza is large, glitzy, and stylish, words that describe how Mack Prioleau imagines Tokyo in his head.

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Mack Prioleau | Travel | Stockholm at a Glance

Stockholm at a Glance: Top 3 Sights to Learn About Its Past by Mack Prioleau

Whenever Mack Prioleau visits a foreign city for the first time, he makes it a point to include its museums, historical landmarks, and heritage sites in his itinerary. It’s important for him to know about city’s history and culture because it helps him gain a better understanding and deeper appreciation of its people and traditions. Someday soon, Mack Prioleau hopes to travel to Sweden, and his first stop would be Stockholm.

Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden consisting of several districts. According to statistics, Stockholm welcomes more than ten million visitors per year. In 2015, the country saw a record 12.9 million visitors. Some were for business, others for leisure. It ranks fourth in terms of air quality among all European capitals. Mack Prioleau can’t wait to have a whiff of that fresh air!

If you only have a limited time to explore the city, and you wish to learn a little bit about its history and heritage, Mack Prioleau recommends these three sights/museums:

The Vasa Museum

The Vasa Museum houses the Vasa, a 17th-century warship built in the 1600s. Soon after its launch in 1628 for its maiden voyage, it sank in the city’s harbor. For centuries, the wreckage remained hidden under the sea. More than three hundred years later, it was finally spotted and brought back up. Almost 100% of the ship is original. The restoration was a painstaking and slow process, taking almost half a century to complete. The exhibitions depict life onboard a ship almost 400 years ago. According to what Mack Prioleau learned about it, the museum receives over a million guests each year.

The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace is the official residence of the King of Sweden. With over six hundred rooms inside the structure, it is considered as one of the largest structures of its kind in Europe. The public is welcome to visit the palace and explore its museums and reception rooms. The structure was designed in Baroque architectural style. A parade of soldiers and changing of the guard take place daily so don’t miss it!

Skansen Open-Air Museum

If you wish to see different parts of Sweden in one location, head to the Skansen Open-Air Museum. There are over 100 farms and farmhouses in this open-air museum, each disassembled and transported from different parts of the country, and then re-assembled to create the outdoor museum.

Apart from these, there is also a zoo where you will get to see some native animals. If you’re traveling with kids, Mack Prioleau recommends that you include this in your itinerary. It’s the perfect place to learn about Sweden and meet some locals.

If you can spare the time, you may also want to drop by the ABBA Museum where memorabilia from the band’s tours and concerts are on display, as well as costumes, instruments, awards, and records. You can also Check out the Moderna Museet, Drottningholm Palace, Fotografiska (photo gallery), and Gröna Lund’s Amusement Park (ideal for kids and adults).

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Mack Prioleau | Travel | Chasing the Northern Lights in Finland


For Mack Prioleau, traveling the world remains on top of his adventure list. While he had the privilege of visiting a few countries when he frequently traveled with his parents in his younger years, he knows there’s still so much to see. He’s been to parts of Asia and Europe, but he admits that his travels barely even scratched the surface. On top of his bucket list is Finland; more specifically, chasing the Northern Lights in Finland.

The Northern Lights: Nature’s Spectacular Show

The Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, is a natural phenomenon that occurs when the sun’s electrically charged particles collide and upon entering the Earth’s atmosphere, appearing as a display of dancing lights. It’s one of nature’s phenomena that is simply breathtaking—surreal and breathtaking, for Mack Prioleau and many others who wish to see this amazing show.

The Northern Lights can be seen from different countries in the world; those that are within the auroral oval or regions where the probability of seeing them are the highest. Of these countries, Sweden, Norway and Finland are the most popular destinations.

The Northern Lights in Finland

Finland is the destination of choice for Mack Prioleau not only because of the Northern Lights but also because of its wide expanse of virgin forests and over a hundred thousand lakes (there are approximately 188,000 lakes in the country).

For the Northern Lights, Mack Prioleau learned that your best chance of seeing this amazing light show is in Finnish Lapland. There are various ski resorts here as well so you could enjoy the slopes during the day and camp out under the stars at night to wait for the Northern Lights to appear.

An interesting viewing site is a tree house designed specifically to give guests a good vantage point for enjoying the natural light show. In Rovaniemi, Lapland, look for the Arctic Treehouse Hotel. There are only 37 treehouses here so you’d best book your stay months in advance to ensure that you get a slot.

The treehouse is your own private and cozy nest that not only gives you panoramic views of the world below but in the evenings, it gives you spectacular views of the Northern Lights right from your window.

If you prefer to camp under the stars, there are igloo tents that you can book as well. These are in Saariselkä, a village in Finnish Lapland. The tents are glass igloos that come with their own toilet and bath. You can lie on your bed and watch the skies at night through the glass ceiling. Mack Prioleau hopes to experience the aurora borealis from both the treehouse and the glass igloo someday.

The best time to visit Finland for the Northern Lights is between the months of September and April when the nights are longer and the chances of clear night skies are higher.

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Mack Prioleau: Trekking Asia’s Favorites

Mack Prioleau: Top Three Thrilling Trails In Asia

This is Mack Prioleau for another blog update; this time about hiking. If you frequent my blog, then you’ll know I have an insatiable appetite for adventure, and with hiking, this often means trekking on trails that offer scenic views at heart-pumping, dizzying altitudes! While most of my expeditions have been in the country and around Europe, this isn’t to say that I’m not interested to explore Asia at some point in my life.

So without further ado, here are my top three thrilling trails in Asia that I’d love to conquer once time and resources permit it:

#1: Annapurna Circuit in Nepal – Nepal has always fascinated me with its temples and monasteries, and the Annapurna Circuit sounds like just the kind of trek that got me hooked on hiking in the first place—strenuous and challenging but infinitely rewarding and fulfilling. Annapurna Circuit and its breathtaking and stunning views are only for those who are willing to work for them. I would love to visit these eventually.

#2: Kalaw to Inle Lake in Myanmar – While not the most difficult trek among all in Asia, the trek from Kalaw to Inle Lake nevertheless deserves a spot on this list because of the cultural immersion it offers. In fact, many tourists and hikers alike recommend this expedition precisely for the remote villages and countryside views along the way. Of course, the cherry on top is Inle Lake—stilt houses, pagodas, floating gardens, and more.

#3: Seoraksan National Park in South Korea – This UNESCO (tentative) World Heritage site is one of the most popular in the region because of its snow-capped mountains, beautiful streams and waterfalls, and Buddhist temples. There are hikes for all abilities, but no matter which track you’re on, you’re guaranteed to enjoy the hypnotic tranquility of this Korean national treasure.

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Mack Prioleau: Surfing Bucket List

Mack Prioleau Bucket List: Surfing Spots to Visit This 2017

Hello, this is Mack Prioleau wishing you all a prosperous Summer. I’m pretty excited to find out what the year has in store for me, whether it’s landing my biggest catch of bass yet or setting foot on more unbeaten paths to discover nature’s wonders.

I may not know what will come to pass but I’m hoping that I’ll be given the means to cross off some of these must-visit destinations from my bucket list. I plan on traveling more this year, so I’ve rounded up my top picks for surfing spots around the world.

Here are my top picks for 2017:

#1: Hossegor, France – Apart from the monster waves, one reason why I want to make this trip to this beautiful coastal town is to experience its lively nightlife. Many young surfers who have gone to surf camp in Hossegor will attest to the friendliness and expertise of the teacher; but even if you’re an experienced surfer, it wouldn’t hurt to get some tips and lessons from the locals—those waves are a killer, after all!

#2: Montanita, Ecuador – The waves you can ride at Montanita Beach are the stuff that surfers dream about but when a dash of Ecuadorian hospitality is added to your stay, your vacation just can’t get any more perfect. I see myself coming for the waves at Montanita and staying for the warmth of the locals.

#3: Fistral Bay, England – Sure, Fistral Bay can get crowded and is far from being a secret surfing spot but those waves are enough reason to make this trip, not to mention the army of surfers you can watch all day. As one of the cleanest beaches in the area with great facilities, it’s not hard to see why Fistral Bay is easily a surfer’s paradise.

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